112 Wrights Road
Addington Christchurch, 8024
p: (03) 962 9629
f: (03) 962 9628

Monday to Wednesday
07:00AM to 04:00PM
Thursday and Friday
07:00AM to 04:00PM
08:30AM to 03:00PM
08:30AM to 03:00PM
Closed on public holidays


Looking for a great place to hold your private functions? Perhaps you want to impress your new clients?

We offer great service here at Milieu and are ready to host your private events.

  • We are able to host night events
  • We are open at 7am for breakfast
  • We can comfortably seat 60 people
  • We hold a current liquor licence
  • We serve wine and beer and cocktails on-site

So give us a call and we'll take care of the rest!
Supporters of the Court Theatre - Entertainment Gold Award Finalists